It Appears That Superman Plus GoPro Equals Awesome Sauce

Black Superman Logo

If you have a go pro, a love of Superman, a great PC, and some time on your hands, then the question is “Why aren’t you creating awesome first person videos of your hero flying around Metropolis? Obviously someone got tired of asking themselves that question and decided to do something about it. Jump past the break to take a look at their awesome creation.


Legalizing Marijuana Will Not Reduce Crime

Marijuana Leaf

There is a groundswell of support, here in America and abroad, for those who are seeking the legalization of Marijuana. These supporters, some of which are heads of states, are preaching that the legalization of marijuana will help solve at least some of the problems with crime. I strongly disagree. Legalization of Marijuana will solve no problems, unless you consider the distribution of marijuana to be a problem.


How I would Decide Which Country Is The "Winner" Of The Olympics

Rings From The London Olympics

How do you determine the Olympics “medal count” winner? Well, honestly it depends on who you talk to. Read on to see how I would do it.

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